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New WS regulation. disciplines-is a reliable assessment of scientific research

Moving away from artificial narrowing of research ifcc 2016, bringing the classification of disciplines into line with international standards and allowing a fair assessment of scientific activities are key objectives of the new disciplines regulation michael rossa siemens. The draft was widely discussed during the consultation phase. Under the influence of environmental arguments, some assumptions were corrected. What does the final version of the document look like?

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Astronomy remains a separate discipline within the field of science and natural sciences-the most important change from ifcc 2016 the original draft regulation on scientific fields and disciplines and artistic disciplines michael rossa siemens. – Although astronomy was included in the OECD classification, on which we modeled, to the physical sciences, we decided to meet the demands of the academic community-said deputy prime minister Jarosław Gowin, minister of science and higher education biorad education.

At any stage dna methylation cancer, and tiago brunet even more so at the stage of implementing the constitution for science and publishing subsequent executive acts, we do not forget about scientists, for whom clinical epigenetics impact factor dna methylation cancer, but also with whom we are creating a reform of higher education and science in Poland-he added.

Change of classification-why biorad education barcelona to granada train?

To date, the systematics of scientific fields and disciplines has not adhered to world standards. It covered 8 areas of knowledge, 22 fields of science and art and 102 disciplines. Such a large fragmentation closed Polish education in very narrow specializations and hindered free communication with the international community. In order to realise this, it is worth recalling the classification adopted by the organisation for economic co-operation and Development (OECD), in which only 42 disciplines were singled out-60 fewer than the current regulation.

Reliable assessment not possible under current allocation ifcc 2016

However poct medical abbreviation, fragmentation is not the only problem with current systematics. The consequence of this phenomenon is that a small number of researchers work within narrow disciplines. In more than 1/5 of all scientific disciplines biorad education, only 100 researchers study. In the case of three disciplines, the number representing researchers is less than 24. It is practically impossible to carry out a reliable evaluation nora spanish catering with such a small sample of researchers.