Congress Venue


Basic indications for enrolleesYes. The coronavirus crisis brings us to the organization of this edition in online mode. Finally congress venue, the platform that will be used to access the sessions will be ZOOM. It is a widespread tool in many universities and institutions.

It is recommended to have the application installed prior to the start of the Congress and not wait for the sessions to begin. Download link Notices 09/22/2020. Given the possibility of system saturation through ZOOM, if you have problems accessing the plenary sessions, we remind you that they are broadcast via streaming on Canal UNED. You must necessarily access the working groups through ZOOM.

09/21/2020. The connection links to the rooms have been sent by email. If you are registered and congress venue have not received them, you can write to: info @ congresotransparencia. com

How do I log on congress venue?
We have sent the address to access the rooms to the email provided in the registration form.

Once you log in you will see that there are 8 online room links – identified with a color.Click on the link of the room you want to enter, you will access a form in which you must enter your basic data.

During the four days of the congress, you will only have to enter the data the first time you access each room. Once this is done, the zoom application will open automatically – which you must have previously downloaded – and the system will send you an email with the link so that you can save it in case you need to access the same room another day.Then the entrance to the room will be validated by the person in charge of each session.


It is important that you indicate your full name and surname when accessing so that we can manage the permission to speak and, so that you can share the presentations if you are a speaker. In addition, this identification is necessary to obtain the certificate of attendance.

The organization reserves the possibility of not granting access to a room if the person is not identified by his or her name and surname.
Please enter with the microphone turned off.

Remember that you must have the ZOOM application installed prior to the start of the Congress and not wait for the sessions to begin. Download link
Requirements for access to certificates of attendance

The platform we use automatically registers attendance, hence the importance of correctly entering the name and surname. Attendance certificates will be sent by email at the end of October. It is an essential requirement to attend the sessions to obtain the certification.

How is the access organized?
We have created 8 online rooms. Each room is identified with a color. Locate the session you want to enter and access through the link associated with each room.

The plenary sessions are all held in the WHITE ROOM, the rest of the colors correspond to the working group rooms.Remember that the links will be sent by email the days before.

I have a problem

Who do I go to?
Don’t wait for the last day to download the ZOOM app. If you have a problem and leave inquiries until the last day, the response will not be immediate if we have a lot of demand.

If you are a speaker, contact the rapporteur, moderator or coordinator of the session in which you participate.If you are an assistant, you can write to info @