Scientific Programme



  • Audiology and Otology
  • Balance and Otoneurology
  • Phoniatrics, Laryngology, Swallowing
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Head and Neck Oncology
  • Pediatric Otolaryngology
  • Rhinosinus Pathology and Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Miscellaneous


Following the current health emergency and scientific programme the consequent ban on holding congress events in attendance until 1 July 2021, the 107th SIO and ChCf National Congress can only take place in live streaming and it will not be possible to take place in hybrid.

Participation in streaming will be regulated as follows: scientific programme
each subscriber will be provided with the access link and the unique and personal code, necessary to access the live session;

four LIVE STREAMING rooms will be in operation simultaneously on different topics. The participant can decide to view the one he likes or go from one classroom to another even during the session itself; it can also recall “on demand” all the contributions which, being pre-recorded, can be consulted 24 hours a day;participants will be able to interact with the speakers using the appropriate space located on the live broadcast page;

the live streaming will be broadcast in the morning and in the afternoon (remember that during the mornings there will also be live surgery sessions from four operating theaters) and will include first of all Round Tables, Lectures by international guests and other types of contributions deemed of prevalent interest because they complement and integrate the topics on the program, or because they are considered particularly interesting;

the communications with the best votes from the referees will also be part of the contributions in streaming programming scientific programme;in addition to the live broadcasts, all the accepted contributions will be published and available on demand on other pages of the live site, which will be divided according to the type of presentation, making them easily accessible with different search criteria

Finally, the members will be provided with the credentials to participate in the FAD which will allow them to obtain ECM credits and which will be prepared after the event;
all presenters of scientific contributions must be regularly registered for the Congress;
registration for the Congress is done using the Registration Form, on the Registration web page;the complete Scientific Program will be published shortly.

SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS – scientific programme

The duration initially envisaged for the exhibition of scientific contributions has been modified and adapted to the needs of online transmission.

Presenters of accepted contributions will be guaranteed the publication of their contribution on the reference pages of the live site, grouped into sessions divided by thematic path, which can be consulted on demand for the entire duration of the Congress.
To this end, an audio-video recording of your work must be sent.
All authors will receive specific indications on how to present their contribution.

The scientific contributions can be presented alternatively in Italian or English, according to the preference of the speaker. The Scientific Secretariat reserves the right to maintain a balance between the languages ​​used in the reports.
Monothematic Course scientific programme

It consists in the specific treatment of a topic of your choice in the Otolaryngology field. The course can be held by 1, 2 or preferably 3 speakers, also coming from different institutions. One to one discussion via email is foreseen.
Total duration: 15 minutes.

How I Do It

It consists in dealing with specific diagnostic or therapeutic procedures (whether surgical or not) for highly practical purposes. This formula foresees 1 or 2 speakers. The presentation of the “how I do It” must be registered according to the specific indications that will be sent to the authors, on the basis of the programming balances. A one to one discussion via email is foreseen.