Scholarships are financial contributions reserved for deserving low-income students. Types Bursary and methods of granting scholarships.

Our Constitution recognizes the right of citizens to study [1]. It establishes, in fact, that the school is open to all, that lower education, given for at least eight years, is compulsory and free and that capable and deserving, even if without means, have the right to reach the highest grades of the Education.

Education is considered by the Italian Bursary legislator as a public service necessary to ensure the full development of the human person even with respect to someone’s initial unfavorable situation.

The State, therefore, must commit itself to removing those obstacles of an economic and social nature that can prevent capable and deserving subjects from being able to study. Scholarships are part of this general framework, that is, those financial aids that are disbursed to students whose personal economic conditions do not allow them to meet all study expenses.

But how to get a scholarship? The procedure is simple: you must participate in a competition and be in possession of certain requirements, specified in the calls issued by the bodies (ministries, universities, regions, autonomous provinces, international organizations) that grant them.

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1 What is the scholarship
2 How to get a scholarship
3 What are the scholarships provided by the Ministry of Education?
4 What are the regional scholarships?
5 What do university scholarships consist of
6 What are the scholarships provided by INPS?
7 What are the study grants abroad?
8 What are the scholarships for graduates?
What is the scholarship
The scholarship is an economic contribution that can be requested if you attend a high school, university or specialization course even abroad in order to cover part of the costs incurred in the school or academic year.

Therefore, it is possible to benefit from first and second grade high school students and university students, who must meet certain requirements:

  • an excellent academic or university performance;
  • a low to medium personal income.

How to get a scholarship

In order to be able to obtain a scholarship, it is necessary to participate in the selection announcement issued by the body that disburses it. There are, therefore, different types of scholarships.

In particular, the same can be granted:

by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (Miur);
by the Regions and autonomous Provinces;
from universities;
by INPS.

What are the scholarships provided by the Ministry of Education?

The State has established the single Fund for student welfare and the right to education, providing scholarships for students enrolled in secondary schools of the national state and equal education system Bursary, who have a low income, at the aim to combat early school leaving [2].

To be able to use it, just connect to the Miur website and check the competition notices issued in this regard, which specify the requirements, deadlines, documents to be presented and how to participate. The application can only be submitted electronically by the adult student or for minors, by the parent or by someone else.

Usually, you must have a valid ISEE certification (the maximum ISEE value to access is € 15,748.78). There is no need to attach any documentation because the requirements are self-declared.

Spid (Public Digital Identity System Bursary) or Crs / Cns (Regional or National Service Card) credentials with relative Pin are required for online access.In addition, an e-mail address and a mobile number must be indicated where all subsequent communications can be received.