Recorded sessions are compressed and saved as MP4 files. Recordings include live session activity.AudioAny shared content or video from the active speaker. If both are shared during the session, only the shared content is recorded.Subtitles inserted during the live session or added later by a moderator. Only one subtitle track is available.

If the session had multiple subtitle tracks, only the first available is captured.Chat messages in the All channel. Private messages and chat messages in secondary groups are not logged.Only moderators can enable recording in sessions.

Everyone can view the recordings from registrations any device whenever they need it. There are no viewing limits.

Recordings must be converted to a playable format before they can be viewed. The first time you access a recording, the conversation begins. It may take a few minutes, after which the recording can be seen by anyone registrations.

How can I find the recordings for registrations?

You can view the recordings of the courses you are enrolled in and download them. Moderators must allow downloads of the recording for each session.

Go to Collaborate, open the menu and select Recordings or View All Recordings Not sure where to find Collaborate Recordings in the course? Go to Join Sessions and LMS for more information.

Recordings player The recording player looks the same as the Collaborate session. There is a Record menu similar to the Session registrations menu in real-time sessions and the recording playback controls.

Record Menu: Open the Record Menu at the top left of the screen. From here, you can download the full recording, subtitle transcripts, chat transcripts, get further assistance or report a problem if you have a problem with your recording.

Subtitles: Subtitles are available if they are added later by a moderator or if real-time subtitles are used in the session. Subtitles are enabled in the recording by default. Select Subtitlesin the playback controls to turn off subtitles or adjust their font size.
You can also download a subtitle transcript from the Record menu.

Playback Controls: Intuitive playback controls let you navigate through various recordings.
Pause: Using the keyboard, press the Spacebar to pause and play the recording.
Repeat / Forward: Using the keyboard, press the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to repeat or forward the recording by 10 seconds.

Progress: slide the status indicator to move through the recording. With your keyboard, press SHIFT + LEFT ARROW or SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW to repeat or skip the 10 second recording.

Volume: Using the keyboard, press the UP and DOWN arrow keys to increase or decrease the volume by 5%.Subtitles: Select Subtitlesto view subtitles with recordings. You can also download a subtitle transcript from the Record menu.

Chat messages: Open the Chat panel at the bottom right of the screen to view the complete chat history of the recorded session. For more information, see Chat messages in recordings.Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the steps. When you first open the recording player registrations, we’ll show you where to find everything you need.