How to take care of physical health?


Fighting the next wave of the coronavirus pandemic is once again making us realise how precious our physical and mental health is. It is with the current epidemiological situation that the theme of this year’s World Health Day, celebrated on April 7, is connected. It is dedicated to the fight against the spread of coronavirus, as well as to people who face it every day at work-medical personnel. Health day is a good opportunity to think about such issues as preventive research, or health promotion in the company.

Employers, persons responsible for epidemiological safety procedures in companies, health and safety personnel and HR departments should pay special attention to health in the company in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Training on the presence of COVID-19 in the company brings the legal and epidemiological topics in connection with the real risk of disease occurrence in the workplace closer. During the training, issues such as the legal basis for quarantining an employee, the possibility of remote work by a quarantined employee, as well as epidemiological risk assessment and many other useful issues are discussed.

Protection of workers ‘ health-what measures to take?

Actions aimed at ensuring the health of employees and appropriate conditions in the company should always be taken. All the more so because higher employee health awareness translates into lower absenteeism and, as a result, reduced costs for the employer. The costs of health education will be incomparably lower, and the corresponding actions will bring long-term results.

How to take care of health in the company? Protection of workers ' health-what measures to take

  • Cooperating with a reliable company, which will help us in a proper analysis of the health of employees, will conduct a detailed audit, interesting workshops and trainings for us.
  • Sqd alliance specialists will advise on health promotion and health management. The measures we propose will help to introduce broad health-promoting measures that benefit employers and those employed in the workplace.

Why is pre-med first aid so important?

When thinking about health care, one should not forget about the topic of premedical first aid. Skilful and timely delivery can save the life of the injured person, as well as significantly reduce the complications associated with hypoxia, trauma, heart attack or stroke. In some cases, it is the minutes that decide the life and health of the victim.

It is worthwhile to learn the basics of first aid, because according to the current interpretation of the law in force in our country, we are obliged to provide assistance, if such actions do not pose a direct threat to us. How to act not to harm, but to save someone’s life or health? First aid training will be helpful, during which we will learn how to properly perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, when and how to use a defibrillator, and how to help a person who has been injured or is in a life-threatening condition.

In any first aid activity, we must first take care of our own safety. This was further highlighted by the pandemic, which is the main focus of this year’s health day. In connection with the epidemiological situation in the country, we have created a training on the topic of first aid, which includes elements of proper protection of our health during pre-medical assistance during a pandemic.