Protect your body


Autumn is a very difficult time for our body, because with the change of seasons comes a sharp drop in temperature, which can be the cause of colds. This autumn will be even more dangerous-due to the current epidemiological situation, the use of medical services may be hampered. In this situation, we must do everything in our power to protect our body from disease. Here are some tips that will certainly help in this!

A diet full of immunity

Proper nutrition is the basis of taking care of our health condition. The autumn diet does not have to be extremely different from the one we have been used to for the last few months-as long as it was balanced! Doctors recommend to consume four to five meals a day.

In autumn, first of all, we should eat a lot of vegetables, which are a natural source of vitamins. Their deficiencies (especially vitamin D and C) should be replenished on an ongoing basis, because they have a significant impact on our immunity and well-being! In their acquisition, without the need to leave the house in bad weather, will help us online pharmacy-we can easily buy vitamins in the form of tablets and drops.

  • On cold days, you should also improve your mood (and by the way, immunity) by drinking warm tea with lemon and honey. A diet full of immunity
  • Just remember not to add them to boiling water, because then they will lose their healing properties.

Movement is health

It is said that diet is more than half the success-but we must not forget about the second very important factor that affects our immunity. It is, of course, about physical effort!

Summer is a busy time, in which we are happy to go for bike rides and long walks. The arrival of autumn causes in most cases the cessation of this type of activity. This is a big mistake! Playing sports causes our body to secrete endorphins, so-called hormones of happiness. Exercising, we build our immunity and make our body for these few months is not in complete stagnation.

Autumn is still a good time for cycling, walking, roller skating. In addition to the fact that simply sport is health, in addition, lower temperatures contribute to hardening of the body. If we prefer to stay indoors, it would be an interesting idea, for example, to go to the pool, gym, etc.

At home, we can practice yoga or do other general development exercises like abdominal muscle training. When training, remember to make it a pleasure-so it is worth to find such an activity, which at the same time will be our hobby. It is also a good idea to do physical activity with the whole family!

Also take care of your mental health

Autumn is a sad time for most of us, which is associated only with the departure of summer and the end of holidays. Increasingly low temperatures also do not set anyone up positively.

Autumn itself is difficult for mental health, the current pandemic of coronavirus in our country also does not improve the situation. Even if we are not worried about ourselves, the health of our loved ones-especially parents and grandparents-is surely at our heart.